Method of payment

After receiving Your inquiry, You will receive an official offer to Your e-mail in PDF format, in which are located all data required for the carrying out of payment. After receiving payment, on Your email address we will send a confirmation of successful payment.



Payment of all our services can be via credit card and paypal online payment or via bank transfer.

Bank account:

IBAN: 24020061100592701 HR1524020061100592701

Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d.

Jung Sky can, but is not obligated, to accept a reservation of funds through credit cards as a guarantee of payment.



The entry of personal data and data about the number of credit cards is protected by the SSL Protocol 128- bit encryption which ensures Wspay system for t he online authorization of credit cards.

Authorization and billing credit card works up through the PBZ card-and by using a system of WsPay for authorization and payment card in real time. Pages on which to enter information about the credit cards not to remember the entered data nor is the data about the numbers of credit cards stored in the base data.