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We have the wings ready. All you have to do is fly.

Preparations for the 2020 season are well under way!
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Unique VIP service:
book a plane, hotel and daytrips within one package
Stress free zone:
no waiting lines, no turbulence during flight, straight-to-the-door limo service
7 day package.
24/7 support
Prices from:
3600€ per person

Vipcation is a highly personalized travel service that offers you flights, on a private jet, from Berlin or Rome straight to a 5-star destination hotel or luxury yacht in the city of Dubrovnik, the Pearl of Mediterranean. Land into a unique experience and spend seven memorable days that will change the way you spend your vacations forever.

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We change plain travel to trawell.

Fly to Dubrovnik with style in Jung Sky's spacious private jet for 6 passengers that offers you more than a creature comfort:  a faster, higher and more pleasant flight compared to major airlines. That’s what we call air trawell!

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We remove the line from airline.

Every minute of your holiday is precious. With our jet flight service, you don't have to deal with long check-in and security procedures, so you can arrive at the airport minutes, not hours, in advance. That means more time spent on a vacation and less time standing in lines.

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We offer a King’s Landing instead of plain landing.

Land in Dubrovnik, city of the Game Of Thrones fame, like a king: quickly, easily and effortlessly. Our limo is already waiting at the airport, ready to transfer you to the accommodation of your choice.

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We make affordable out of improbable.

Thanks to our surprise-free pricing policy, flying on a private jet to Dubrovnik and spending a week in a 5-star hotel or on board of a luxury yacht stops being a dream and becomes a reality: a very special treat you can afford.

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At the moment, our team is preparing the 2020 Vipcation season and we can't wait to start making wonderful memories together!
Expect new Vipcation dates & early bird offers some time this December.

In the meantime, our phone lines are open and you can show us your interest by sending us an email or subscribing to our newsletter.
We will alert you about new booking opportunities as soon as we set them up.

Lots of love from your Vipcation team!