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About Jung Sky

10 years of highly respected and safe flight operations

Jung Sky is a private jet company co-founded eleven years ago by Krešimir and Vedran Jung. These aviation enthusiasts dedicated their private and professional lives to the realization of their joint mission: setting the gold standard in private airline industry by providing the best flying experience and highest safety for all Jung Sky clients. With a personal touch.
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We take flying seriously

Safety is our primary consideration. To champion the cause of aviation safety, each of our aircraft undergoes maintenance according to the most stringent regulatory requirements. Each of our Captains has between 4.500 - 7.000 flight hours, and the team cumulatively flies over 1.000.000 km per year. Cessna 525A CJ2 jets are owned by Jung Sky exclusively - and we treat them like family.

Our Wings

Cessna 525A CJ2, manufactured by Cessna Aviation Company, is one of the most reliable business jets. It is an ideal city hopper, equipped with two high performance engines and with the cabin that can comfortably seat up to 6 passengers.
Being a smaller jet, it can cruise higher than large commercial planes, at the height of 13.5 km, in so called zero turbulence zone. Flying above the air traffic makes the route more direct, but also helps the jet capture better winds and avoid adverse weather - the overall result is a unique experience of calm and quiet cruising, among the smoothest in the light jet class.
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