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Vipcation explained

Vipcation is an experience based travel service that provides a seven night stay in the city of Dubrovnik, with personalized private flights on luxury jets, and much more...

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What does it include?
  • A return flight to Dubrovnik with
    Jung Sky's business jet
  • 5 star accommodation of your choosing:
    hotel or a luxury boat
  • Luxury limousine transfer to the
    accommodation and back
  • No need to arrive at the airport
    few hours before the flight
  • No waiting lines; you board from
    a VIP terminal
  • Spacious private jet for 6 passengers
  • Direct transfer from the airport
    to your accommodation
  • Complimentary travel insurance & 24/7 assistance from Jung Sky travel consultants
Pricing and booking
  • Prices are per package & calculated based on your choices during the booking process
  • There are no additional fees
    and hidden costs
  • You will be provided with an precise estimate at each step of booking process.

Like the sound of this?

Let yourself be a VIP, as we welcome you to experience Vipcation.

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