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Jung Sky
10 years of highly respected
and safe flight operations

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We have passion for what we do.

Jung Sky is a private jet company co-founded ten years ago by Krešimir and Vedran Jung. These aviation enthusiasts dedicated their private and professional lives to the realization of their joint mission: setting the gold standard in private airline industry by providing the best flying experience and highest safety for all Jung Sky clients. With a personal touch.

We take flying seriously.

Each of our Captains has between 3.500 - 7.000 flight hours, and the team cumulatively flies over 1.000.000 km per year. Cessna 525A CJ2 jets are owned by Jung Sky exclusively - and we treat them like family. Our daily operations include flights to destinations all across Europe and Northern Africa, and although we are a Croatian based company, over 90% of our passengers come from abroad, mostly from Central Europe and USA.

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