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The pearl of the Adriatic

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City of Dubrovnik, once a city-state with over a thousand years of history written within its walls, has been a part of UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites since 1979.
This breathtaking destination is a unique combination of Mediterranean ambience, pure Adriatic sea and medieval architecture, all blended in together in a fairytale-like manner.

Photo by John Weinhardt on Unsplash

Monarchs, bandits, spies, jedi and dragons in the same city?

Thanks to its historical beauty, cobbled roads, ancient buildings and welcoming locals, Dubrovnik hosted an exciting array of worlds created by famous writers, filmmakers and producers. Its most iconic appearance happened in the Game of Thrones series - and many fans have use „King's Landing“ as Dubrovnik's second name ever since. It was also the home of a Star Wars movie, as well as Sherwood forrest. Many fantasies - one City!

Paradise found!

Irish writer and Nobel award winner George Bernard Shaw once said that "Those who seek paradise on Earth should come and see Dubrovnik"

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